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Daily Buzz - April 26, 2013

Energizer - Converter, Energizer - Inverter,
Continental, & Courtesy Tuffy Tire & Auto Ctr


Daily Buzz - April 26, 2013
HIGH Resolution Stills from Daily Buzz


Daily Buzz - April 26, 2013

G-Form, Energizer, & Eton


EN 120 - $ 30.99
EN 180 - $ 34.99
(866) 295-6775
  • Can power your mobile devices in your car, boat or RV
  • Ultra compact, fits right in your vehicle's cup holder
  • Plugs into a vehicle's cigarette lighter socket or, attaches to a car battery
  • Half the size of comparable cup inverters with all the robust power
  • Has an AC outlet allowing you to plug directly into your laptop, MP3 player, Cell phone
  • Keep portable gaming devices charged for the kids!
  • Has 4 USB Charging Ports! sharing 2.1 Amp capacity
  • Charge iPads, iPhone, and many more USB charging devices
  • The 120 Watt model is completely silent, no built-in fan
  • The 180 watt has a thermal fan which will only kick in if it needs cooling

  • Bad weather? Power failure? Use the EN2000 in your Car, RV, & Truck
  • Use it camping or even tailgating
  • It's a portable generator from your vehicle!
  • Has two AC outlets and two USB ports with a shared 2.1 Amp capacity
  • Ultra compact, you can run multiple high-powered devices
  • Operate a refrigerator, microwave, and power tools anywhere your vehicle takes you
  • Half the size of comparable power inverters with all the robust power
  • Can attach to your car or truck battery or an extra battery for during power failures or recreational use
  • Has built-in LED screen which shows: wattage being consumed, voltage, battery levels etc.
  • When battery is down to 10% it automatically shuts off so you can recharge batteries

  • Premiere All-Season LT/SUV/CUV Tire
  • Improves Fuel Economy and Treadwear while reducing harmful CO2
  • Experience shorter stopping distance on wet ground and increased traction
  • EcoPlus Technology saves the driver money over the life of the tire

  • Complete repair to cosmetically damaged alloy wheels
  • Wheels are repaired on-site in a mobile repair facility
  • Process takes 45min-1hour per wheel
  • Workmanship is backed with a lifetime warranty

Aluminum Wheel Repair vs. Aluminum Wheel Remanufacturing Eco Facts
  • The energy cost to MANUFACTURE and ship an alloy wheel is a variable $20.50.The energy cost to REPAIR an alloy wheel is variable $2.00
  • Recycling aluminum takes 95% less energy than making aluminum from raw materials Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
  • For each kilogram of aluminum recovered, Americans save the energy resources needed to generate about 15 kilowatt-hours of electricity. That's enough energy saved each year by recycling aluminum to meet the lighting needs of a city the size of Pittsburgh, PA for six years
  • Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality
  • Recycling 1 ton of aluminum saves the equivalent in energy of 2,350 gallons of gasoline. Can Manufacturers Institute)


XTREME case for iPhone5, iPad Mini, Galaxy S-III, and
G-FORM wearables
What makes G-Form green ?
$ 39.99 and up
(401) 250-5555
  • Less Material is used making G-FORM than its competitors
  • Cardboard backing is Biodegradable
  • No plastics or Mesh is used
  • RPT™, Soft-Sided Protection that Stiffens Instantly upon Impact
  • RPT™, Corners Protect Screen Even when in an in-use Configuration
  • Soft and Flexible while Hardening on Impact
  • Absorbs up to 94% of energy (from an impact)

  • 3 Surge Protected AC Outlets
  • 2 USB Charging Ports (2.1 Amp Total)
  • 1 Smartphone Charging Port with Micro and Mini USB Connectors
  • Built-in Mobile Device Holder
  • Built-in Nightlight and a 180-Degree Rotating Wall Plug
  • Advanced Surge Protection

  • Play Music Wirelessly from a Bluetooth enabled Smart Phone, Tablet, or Laptop
  • Built-in High efficiency Monocrystal Solar Panel gathers the Sun's Energy
  • You can charge the Lithium Ion Battery from the Sun or AC Adapter
  • When fully charged, the RUKUS will last all day
  • USB Port for Mobile device charging
  • Durable E-ink display for maximum readability and low power consumption
  • Two Speaker drivers with stereo sound + bass boost



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